Bangor & Anglesey Peace & Justice Group

Working for a better Wales and a better World

Bangor and Ynys Môn Peace and Justice Group

Bangor and Ynys Môn Peace and Justice Group

Campaigning for peace, justice and human rights

We have weekly meetings to discuss world events; we organise public talks and debates, exhibitions, fund-raising, films, gigs, stand-up comics and festivals; we lobby politicians and media; we organise petitions and high-street stalls; we organise non-violent direct action and protests and we network with other progressive activist groups in all sorts of areas.

If you are living or studying in the Bangor and Ynys Môn area, join up with the local peace and justice  group. Everyone is welcome. For current activities and information please visit our Facebook page.

Our recent campaigns and areas of discussion are wide-ranging and include:

  • justice for Palestinians
  • support for the Gaza Sustainable Rebuilding Project, founded by former Bangor students.
  • peace in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan
  • conflict resolution in Sudan, Rwanda, Western Sahara and Congo
  • Latin American issues
  • humanitarian responses to disasters
  • campaigns against the arms trade
  • no Trident replacement, no to all nuclear weapons. We  campaign alongside CND Cymru and Trident Ploughshares. Some of us also oppose nuclear power, campaigning alongside PAWB (People Against Wylfa B).
  • We have campaigned on international law and human rights with regard to Guantanamo Bay, detention without trial, torture and rendition; on racism,  and on international women’s rights and LGBT rights; climate change and fair trade.
  • We have supported all-Wales campaigns such as No to St Athan military academy; No to drone development at Aberporth; Yes to the establishment of a Wales Peace Institute and local recognition of ‘white poppies’.

Our agenda is open to all issues concerning human rights, international law and peace.