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Boycott Israeli Goods replies from Supermarkets

Missive from Bustan Qaraaqa

Sharing of Boycott Israeli Goods replies from Tesco and Sainsbury. The former crowing about being a founder member of the Ethical Trade Body and they say, it’s ok!

Pointed out by Paola that we need an independent body to make decisions on whether something is ethical or not.
Phil urged people to look up the work of The Russell Tribunal and get evidence of breaches of international law carried out by companies making money by trading with Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Much discussion on the implications for Palestine, and the world, of events in Egypt (See pronouncement by Blair today, 3.02.11 that Mubarak is a good man and that we are right to back him in case we get instead Islamists who will prevent the freedoms the Egyptian people are seeking (!) and who don’t back the “peace treaty” and Israel. I will take to A. Owen a request to have him replaced as “peace envoy to the Middle East” and ask how we can democratically have someone appropriate put in his place. )

See The Guardian for Wikileaks revelations about MI6’s Palestinian Security Plan, headed “Degrading the capabilities of the rejectionists”. Plans include the internment of Hamas members and the setting up of a security taskforce with direct lines to Israeli intelligence. In a meeting with Palestinian officials in 2009, General Keith Dayton, then US security coordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Territories, said, “The intelligence guys are good. The Israelis like them. But they are causing some problems for international donors because they are torturing people.”


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